Rug Sourcing

Looking for the perfect rug for a special place and haven’t seen it on the website? Then, please get in touch or phone 01373 470171

We have more items in the stockroom and have an excellent team sourcing for us in Morocco.

Speed up your search by providing the following information:


  • Approximate size 
  • Style - neutral, colour pop, highly patterned 
  • Colour 
  • Surface it will sit on. Different rugs work better than others on bare floorboards than carpet for example.
  • Intended Use. Will it be constantly walked on or sit as a statement at the end of the bed?
  • Budget - are you looking for an investment piece, a quick restyle piece or something in between?
  • Deadline that you need it by.
  • Photo. Not essential but, we are pretty visual people - Images of the space or mood board you are working with bring really help. No need to style the space - we understand a work in progress!

Looking forward to finding the perfect rug for you!