Bespoke Weaving

Commissioning a bespoke SMOUK rug woven to your requirements is a truly special experience. Any traditional Berber rug pattern can be reproduced or you can produce a design of your own.



With time and careful thought, the result is a stunning, hand woven ‘Marmoucha’ rug - considered to be some of the finest rugs in Morocco. Made using the best quality wool with a high knot count, these rugs are investment pieces. With care, they will become family heirlooms and can be resized if you move home. 


The process 


6-8 weeks including transportation. 


  1. Take accurate measurements of the size you would like. Price is calculated per square metre - length in metres x width in metres = square metre. Contact us for a quick quote. We can help you with the mathematics and advise on the best size rug for a space. 
  2. Decide on background colour and pattern colours. Find swatches if you are colour matching. 
  3. Decide whether you would like a fringe on one end, both ends or no fringes at all.
  4. Gather an image or produce a sketch of the pattern you require.
  5. Send an email to with all this information plus contact details. 
  6. Also, phone us to arrange a time to clarify your plan.