A Family of Fibres - A Community of Rugs - Tribes of Designers

Welcome to the world of SMOUK INTERIORS!

We bring you beautifully crafted rugs, textiles and furniture to style your interiors. Some of our products are antique, some new, all are fabulously crafted. Mainly sourced through our collaboration with makers and experts in rugs in Morocco, some of the pieces you find here are made by us in the UK and others are collaborations with fellow designers. 


I am Sarah Christie-Wakenell and I was born with a love of travel and a burning desire to find out about people and their traditions and everyone here at SMOUK shares that passion. 



With a background in jewellery design and silver smithing, I designed costume jewellery for many high street names. In the mid nineties, I made my way to Morocco in search of Berber silver jewellery to mix into my designs. That journey changed my life. I fell head over heels in love with Moroccan textiles, especially Berber rugs and I let them take me on a voyage of discovery that finally came to fruition in the form of SMOUK INTERIORS.


As a designer and maker myself, I have the utmost respect for fellow creators and and always endeavour to understand their creative journey and the tradition and meaning behind their work. We hope that you will give new meaning to pieces you find here by making them part of your home or work space.