'Zlaafa' Vintage hammam bowls
'Zlaafa' Vintage hammam bowls
'Zlaafa' Vintage hammam bowls
'Zlaafa' Vintage hammam bowls

'Zlaafa' Vintage hammam bowls

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Can you picture a warm, misty spa with a beautiful bathing pool and the chatter of people relaxing and cleansing? Well. this is where these gorgeous bowls started out. They would have been used to pour water over someone's hair, keep their belongings in one place or fill with soaps and oils.

Why not make your guests feel welcome by having some little toiletries ready for them in one of these - so thoughtful.

Hand beaten tin that keeps its colour and matt sheen. Each one covered in patterns that remind us of natural forms and each one unique.

Use for soaps and toiletries, rose petals, fruit, dips or salads.

Hand wash to maintain the patina. Suitable for serving food but not for cooking.

Available in 3 sizes (approximate to a couple of mm)

Small: 12cm diameter/6cm high 

Medium: 15cm diameter/6cm high

Large: 19cm diameter/6cm high