Rug Care

How to clean and care for your rug
Wool rugs contain natural lanolin which protects fibres of the rug, making them easy to clean.
Turn your rug over and vacuum it vigorously on the back. This knocks off grit and dirt out onto the floor. Lift the rug and vacuum underneath. Re-lay the rug and finish with a quicker and lighter vacuum on top.
Cotton Boucherite rugs are tough and can be put in the washing machine if they are small enough. Larger ones can be taken to a dry cleaners.
If you are lucky enough to have hot weather with a breeze, they can be washed in the bath and hung out in the garden. Mind your back though - they are heavy when wet and should be a two person lift!
Dealing with spillages 
Try not the let the spill dry!
Quickly drop a cloth or paper towel onto the spill and under the rug to absorb as much of the spill as possible without adding extra liquid.
Make a mild soapy solution with lukewarm water (avoid harsh detergents if possible as they can remove lanolin in the wool). Make a ball with a clean cloth and sponge the area gently. Be patient and work around the spill without scrubbing in one place if possible.
The spill will usually lift out.
If it doesn't, take it to a cleaners with a large washing machine and ask them to clean it like a wool blanket.