'Hmar' Red Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushion

'Hmar' Red Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushion

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This fresh, versatile 'Draa' cushion sings warmth with it's rich red colours with hand embroidery in stone, yellow and pink threads. Each cushion is top embellished with hand embroidery making every one a unique piece of textile art.

Made from 'Cactus Silk', a phrase coined for the natural viscose made from the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus Fibres.

50cm x 50cm. Price includes fibre filling making this fabric choice perfect for a vegan home.

'Cactus Silk' will fade naturally and beautifully over time or if it is left in strong, direct sunlight for long periods of time. It should be dry cleaned. 

Dry clean recommended