Terracotta Cactus Silk Rug

Terracotta Cactus Silk Rug

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Feel the Saharan dust between your toes! A warm tone perfect for living room or bedroom in this striking terracotta Cactus Silk rug!

Cactus Silk is woven from the fibres of the Saharan Aloe Vera Cactus forming a natural viscose that wears and fades beautifully with age. Called 'Sabra' by the Moroccans, these fibres can still be seen being spun in the back streets of the cities on small, wooden spindles with the 'silk' attached to hooks in the old walls. The perfect addition to a vegan home.

Each rug is top embellished with hand embroidery, turning it into a unique piece of textile art.

2.3m long plus fringe at one end x 1.45m wide.

Cactus Silk products should be dry cleaned.